Italian Nachos

Italian Nachos |

One of my favorite restaurants in the DFW Metroplex is Terilli’s.  It’s a been a Dallas landmark for the past several decades.  Mr. Man took me here for one of our first dates, and it’s been a favorite ever since.  It was in an small, old building that gave it the quaint cozy feeling of being somewhere you’ve always known.  I say “was” because we almost lost our beloved Terelli’s a few years ago when a fire ripped through their building.  Luckily for us, they rebuilt making it bigger and better.  It doesn’t quite have the quaintness of the old Terilli’s, but that’s because it’s new!  

One of the most famous items on their menu is their Italian nachos, or Italchos as they call them.  Every time we go there, I leave with the ambitious plan of recreating them, but the chips always trip me up.

Red, White & Blue Trifle

Red, White & Blue Trifle |

Happy July!! I’m especially excited because this is my birthday month. Although my birthday is in early July, there’s nothing saying I can’t require everyone to celebrate for the entire month. It’s my birthday month and I’ll cry if I want to. 

On another note, who here is ready to see some fireworks? I AM, I AM!! The 4th is on a Friday this year, which is pretty much grounds for a 4-day weekend around here.  I am SOOOO ready for a long pool-floating-margarita-drinking-barbecue-eating-fireworks-watching weekend.

Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Patriotic Fruit Pizza |

I can’t believe July 4th is almost here.  I don’t know about you, but it snuck up on me this year.  For me, this holiday usually marks the middle of summer, but for some reason it feels like it’s here a little too early.  I’m glad it’s here though.  It gives me the opportunity to do something I haven’t done before: make a flag fruit pizza.   

The first time I made fruit pizza was in college. As I’ve told you before, I wasn’t real handy in the kitchen back then. Unbeknownst to me, I made the cookie on an ancient (ie: not non-stick) pizza pan.  My 19-year-old self didn’t realize that there was anything besides non-stick pans; therefore, I didn’t grease it.  Ruh roh, Rorge.

Classic Lemon Bars

Classic Lemon Bars |

So, today I had every intention of sharing the most ridiculous cake with you guys.  It had chocolate cake and ice cream and hot fudge and caramel, just to name a few details.  It was ridiculous.  So ridiculous I couldn’t keep it together.  Literally.  The thing came crashing down not once, not twice, but three times.  Crash, burn and learn; an important mantra Mr. Man frequently uses.  Very appropriate here. 

So after crying, then cussing, then finally maniacally laughing, I came to grips with the cake disaster and just chalked it up as another addition to Blondie’s Whoopsie Files.  Then, in my time of sorrow, I turned to a faithful, dependable old friend: classic lemon bars.  You can’t go wrong with these babies.  They’re like a bright, sweet, sunny explosion in your mouth; just what I needed after the cake catastrophe of 2014.

Caprese Orzo Salad

Caprese Orzo Salad |

Y’all are about to start seeing a lot of barbecue sides come out of this here bloggy blog. The weather is warming up and you know what that means… Grillin’ season is in full swing!  Grilling is actually a year round event in Texas; however, when the temperature rises, you can guarantee that the grill will be rockin’ most days.

Sweet & Spicy Coleslaw

Sweet & Spicy Coleslaw |

They say opposites attract, and I couldn’t agree more.  Take my husband and me for example: he’s quiet and reserved and I’m a boisterous extrovert. Just kidding.  For those of you who know my husband, you just shot coffee out of your nose when you read that.  We’re both loud mouths.  So that was a bad example of opposites attracting.  

But sometimes opposites do attract: good cop, bad cop; salt and caramel; Oscar & Felix; sweet and spicy.  This coleslaw is the perfect degree of spicy leveled out by a hint of sweetness. 

Chicken & Grape Salad

 Chicken & Grape Salad | The

A few years ago, Mr. Man and I went to Scottsdale to visit some friends.  They toted us around town, took us floating down the Salt River and showed us some of their favorite hang-outs.  One of them was an incredibly beautiful resort with the best food and crazy awesome pools.  (I wish I remembered the name of the place!)  People in the metro Phoenix area are so lucky.  They have a brazillion fancy-shmancy resorts nearby, which makes for a fun stay-cation every weekend. 

We had lunch at this resort and this is where I discovered the BEST. SALAD. EVER.