Hey there!  My name is Andrea and I’m The Blonde In The Apron.

I live in Texas with my husband, Mr. Man, our son, Peanut, and our two Golden Doodles, Dudley and Dixie.  We are one happy, hairy family!


I haven’t always been enthusiastic about food.  In high school, I was more of a Diet Coke, Rice Krispie treat and a pack of Big Red gum for lunch kind of girl.  In college, my cooking entailed dumping a bag of pizza rolls into the oven, plopping down in front of the TV and coming back in 12-15 minutes for the grand reveal.  When I did finally get the notion to make my roommate and I breakfast, I had to have my younger brother show me how to make scrambled eggs!

That’s all changed now.  I am extremely passionate about food and the fellowship that surrounds it.  Gathering in the kitchen with friends and family is so fulfilling.  I enjoy creating something for those I love and watching them savor the effort I’ve put into the dish.  Nothing beats the expression on my husband’s face after tasting something I’ve made and he loves it.  And the happy food dance he breaks into is quite a sight!

My love for food also encompasses travel.  When Mr. Man and I venture to a new city, we plan a lot of our activities around the local food scene.  We love tasting new and adventurous food and recreating them at home, sometimes adding our own little tweaks.

I hope you appreciate the recipes I share, the stories behind them, as well as my love for food, cooking, travel and good old fashion adventure.